SnailBot Discord Bot🔗

    SnailBot is primarily a news and utilitarian bot for Discord which enables small and large Discord communities alike to stay up to date with latest news from games across Steam and Gaijin Entertainment developed / produced products. SnailBot was originally built for War Thunder news, and has expanded into something much larger since January of 2018.

    SnailBot is a public bot, which means you can freely add it and remove it from your own server.

    You can invite SnailBot to your server here.

    SnailBot is not currently open-source and we have no plans as of now to make it open-source. If you wish to contribute your ideas, suggestions, feedback or bug reports, the information below will guide you on how to do so. If you wish to join the SnailBot Team, you can view our application process here.


    Join our Support Server and use the suggestions channel to input your suggestions. Please be sure to follow the format given in the pinned messages area.


    If you wish to give feedback, we have a built in feature where you can give feedback directly from your server. Check out the +feedback command to get started.

    Bug Reporting🔗

    Find a bug? It does happen sometimes! Join our Support Server and use the bug reporting channel to pass along any issues or bugs you find. Please be sure to follow the format given in the pinned messages area. You can also use the +bugreport command to report bugs directly from your server or in a DM with SnailBot.


    Culusion_IA - Server Owner, War Thunder Moderator🔗

    Snailbot was a great help to running the Phly server with War Thunder being Phlys most played game, getting dev blogs and announcements for it was never this easy.

    TheEuropeanCanadian - Server Owner, War Thunder Content Partner🔗

    SnailBot has been integral to the growth of the TEC Hub community since it is able to provide a service which gives precise news on everything that is War Thunder. The communications that we have had with the team behind it has also been nothing short of respectable and proper. I am very proud to be sharing a community with the team behind SnailBot and cannot wait to see it grow and be used as a source for others to be used in a very productive way. The partnership with SnailBot that we have enjoyed over the past year has shown that a community can come together and create something great. Thank you to the SnailBot team for their wonderful service

    OP_SENATOR - Server Owner, War Thunder Moderator🔗

    War Thunder news on your server? SNAILBOT! Too lazy to post news on your server? SNAILBOT! Other bots suck at posting news on your server? SNAILBOT! Great bot, does what a bot does, he bots. But not anykind of boting, oh no, he War Thunder news bots and much more. Overall a great bot that helps and improves your server. Since ive started using it, my life became much better and simpler. Get your free bot today for only 00,00$ Yes, its an awesome bot. THE SNAILBOT drops mic