Mod Tools

This article will run you through the setup of SnailBot's Moderation Tools.


SnailBot now has moderation tools - to get started using them, run +modtools enable and mention the channel you wish to use for logging. To configure the tools further, run +modtools configure to show the available options, or run +modtools configure <option> <value> to change the setting. Do not include <> when running the commands.

You can refer to the chart below to see all of the available options.

Option Description
MESSAGE_REMOVALS Logs what message was deleted and by who.
MESSAGE_EDITS Logs what message was edited and shows the differences.
VOICE_CHANNEL_ACTIONS Logs movement and actions in voice channels.
ROLE_CHANGES Logs what was changed in the role and who changed it.
MEMBER_JOINS Logs when a member joins.
MEMBER_LEAVES Logs when a member left.
MEMBER_NICK_CHANGES Logs when a member's nickname is changed.
MEMBER_NAME_CHANGES Logs when a member's username is changed.
CHANNEL_CHANGES Logs what was changed in the channel and who changed it.
DM_USER_WHEN_WARNED Send user a direct message when they get warned.
SHOW_USER_WHO_GAVE_WARNING Show the user who gave the warning in the DM.
WARN_FOR_POSTING_INVITE Warn a user for posting invite links. (Moderators / Admins are exempt)
JOIN_MESSAGE The message you want to be sent when a user joins. (Use {user} placeholder to show the user)
JOIN_MESSAGE_CHANNEL The channel where you want the join message sent.
ROLE_TO_GIVE_ON_JOIN The role you want to give to new users when they join.
PERSPECTIVE_ENABLED Enables Google's Perspective API monitoring for your server. (Partner-Only Feature)
PERSPECTIVE_THRESHOLD Sets a threshold for marking messages as "toxic". (0.0 is most sensitive, 1.0 is least sensitive, default is 0.7)


Command All commands are listed without the bot prefix. (Default: +) Description Note: Do not include <> when running commands.
modroles <list/add/remove> <role(s)> Manage the list of roles considered to be moderator roles.
adminroles <list/add/remove> <role(s)> Manage the list of roles considered to be admin roles. Roles with the ADMINISTRATOR permission are automatically admin roles.
purge user <user> <limit> Purge the specified amount of messages by a specified user
purge <limit> Purge the specified amount of messages
rules <add/edit/move/remove> Manage the server rules. Run this without any subcommands to see the rule list.
warn <user> [reason] Warn the specified user using the optional specified reason. You can also specify a rule to include it in the warning by putting [rule:<id>] in the reason.
ban <user> [reason] Bans the specified user with the optional specified reason.

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